The LAUTECH Information and Communications Technology Center (LICT) Center is mandated by the University to provide the Information and Communications Technology infrastructure for both the Main campus in Ogbomosho and the Oshogbo Campus. The Center houses system analysts and programmers whose primary tasks are to develop applications software as well as web-based solutions for the administration, the students, and for the decision makers.

The Center is also in-charge of the wide area network structure of the University, the local area network connectivity as well as connectivity to the Internet. As the Center for ICT solutions of the University, we are advocates towards the productive and efficient use of ICT as well as of cutting-edge technologies for the attainment of the Mission and Vision of the University.

The Center is currently structured into four Units namely: Web Development Unit; Network Unit; Enterprise Application Development and Training Unit; Oshogbo Campus Unit. Each Unit is headed by a Head of Unit for effective co-ordination of the day to day activities of the Unit in line with the overall goal of the Center.

LICT Center provides a good number of services such as communication services, computer usage trainings, portal services, virtual learning environment, Computer Based Testing, Smart Identification Card, Network expansion, support services.

Various services provided by the LAUTECH ICT Center are:

  1. Email and Communication Services: Email accounts were created for Staffs and Students of the university. About 2500 email accounts were created for the staff about 27,000 email accounts were created for the students. Presently, about 75% of both staffs and students accounts are active. The best means of communication service in the University environment is through the Internet (Mail Services). The email and communication services are provided by Google Apps for Education Programme and managed by the Web Unit of the Centre.

Another means of communication service provided by the Centre is the “VOIP Services” which enables both the student and staff to make voice call via the Internet and local network, using their Laptop. The VOIP Service is being managed by the Network Unit of the Centre.

  1. Training of Staff and Students: The Training Unit of the Centre is responsible for Organising Training for both Staff and Students of the University. Various Trainings on office productivity tools are organized for various cadres of staff in the University. Some of the regular Training includes: Computer Appreciation, Desktop Publishing, Desktop Publishing with Printing Technology, Data Analysis Using SPSS, AutoCAD, Office Communication and Data Management, Computer Networking – Wired and Wireless, Computer Networking and Security, Training on Google Applications for Education, Moodle for lecturers and students, Introduction to C#, Phyton, R programming languages. Pre-degree Science (PDS) Programme - ICT Training are also organised for PDS students.

  2. Portal Services: This is the registration platform designed by the Center to enable both staffs and students of the University register online and access for web based services. Students can do their bio-data entry, payment and course registration online via the portal services. The staff portal is also made available for staff to update their profile online.

  3. Exam and Testing Services: The Computer Base Testing (CBT) platform was home grown and is fully matured to handle various internal and external exterminations such as UTME, Post UTME, ODL, and Semester Examinations. Over 20,000 CBT extermination instances are recorded yearly.

  4. Learning Services: The LAUTECH Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) was designed using open source software. Courses from various departments of the University have been uploaded on the site. There are active courses that students can be enrolled into. The site can be accessed via http://www.elearning.lautech.edu.ng/.

  5. Leasing of Computer Equipment: The center provides leasing service for computing equipment such as Screen projector, public address systems for the University community. Arrangement is concluded on providing a means of leasing Laptop computers to interested staffs of the University at a reasonable cost.

  6. Internet Services: 24 hours Internet services are being provided by the Centre in the University Environment. Staffs can browse anytime using their staff accounts while students and Staffs can browse freely anywhere in the University from 5.00pm to 8.00am every day. The coverage of the Internet service is about 70% of the Ogbomoso campus while Osogbo campus has 85%. Efforts are ongoing to expand and cover newly built up locations on both campuses with Internet services.

  7. Support Services:

Network and IT support: we provide support services for general public, intending student, staff and student on information enquiries, computing challenges such as the use of IT resources, repair and maintenance. Multimedia IT support services are also provided for the following University events:

  • University Convocation Lectures

  • University Inaugural lectures

  • Presentation by Service Providers

  • Sensitization workshop on Open Distance Learning Programme

  • Examination interactive sessions

Staff Profile

Ogungbade Abimbola

Designation – Chief Computer Programmer

Area of Specialization – ID card production

Ayantoyinbo Ezekiel Ayantayo

Designation – Asst. Chief Computer Programmer

Area of Specialization – Programmer

Adebanjo Adebowale Paul

Designation – Senior Programmer

Area of Specializsation – Network Security

Lasisi Musiliu

Designation – Senior Programmer

Area of Specialization – Network Support

Adebayo Alimot

Designation – Senior System Analyst

Area of Specialization – Server Support

Ajibade Joel

Designation – Programmer I

Area of Specialization – Network Support

Sulaimon Olawunmi

Designation – Senior System Analyst

Area of Specialization – Server Support

Oyebode Opeyemi

Designation – Senior Programmer

Area of Specialization – User Support

Obayemi O.

Designation – Senior System Analyst

Area of Specialization – User Support

Bello Oluwagbenga

Designation – Senior System Analyst

Area of Specialization – Network Support

Bolaji Opeyemi

Designation – Technical Officer

Area of Specialization – Hardware

Suliat Agbaje

Designation – Senior Programmer

Area of Specialization – Training

Rebecca Omowaiye

Designation – Principal System Analyst

Area of Specialization – Web/Programming

Olatunde Olagunju

Designation – Senior System Analyst

Area of Specialization – Networking

Afolabi Toye

Designation – Senior Programmer

Area of Specialization – Web/Programming;

Roseline Adekunle

Designation – Senior Programmer

Area of Specialization – Web/Programming;


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