The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The University Health Centre (UHC) was established to achieve in more practical terms, the aims and objectives of the World Health Organisation. Here, it pursues vigorously, both preventive and curative aspect of medicine by offering students and staff, wide range of health services e.g. admission facilities, backed by adequate doctors, nursing and paramedical care, pharmaceutical services, well-equipped medical laboratory, with wide range of medical laboratory services, public health services for both preventive and curative back up, immunization and child health facilities, ante-natal and post-natal care, family planning any counseling services, etc.

The Universtty Health Centre building is located at the Western part of the Ogbomoso Campus, very close to the University main Entrance. It is surrounded by the University Chapel, MKO (750) Lecture Theatre and the Departmental laboratories of Agronomy and Animal Production and Health (Popularly called NIGERIA)


- Give emotional, moral and psychosocial support to the patients and family members

- Behavioural Management

- Academic and Career Counseling for Students

- Serving as a Next of Kin in emergency cases

- Counseling patients on the psychosocial implication of medical conditions

- Collaborating with other Health Professionals in the delivery of Health Services

- Give pre-operative and post-operative counseling

- Assisting students to understand the underling problems that may hinder good academic performances

- Home visitation/follow-up visits

- Family tracing

- Fund generation for hospital bill and school fees for indigent students

The University Health Centre is open for medical services 24 hours for seven days in a week, including week-end and public holidays. Staff and their dependants and students are attended to by Doctors.
Medical consultation starts from 8.00a.m till 11.30a.m while students consulting hours start from 11.00a.m till 2.00p.m. Despite this, emergency cases are also attended to at any time of the day.

All new students and staffs are strongly advised to undergo mandatory medical test at the University Health Centre during which they will obtain a medical registration card which will be taken to the Health Centre as identification before they can enjoy medical services, especially in emergency situations. The medical registration card is as equally important as the Students'/Staff Identity card and should be kept properly and to be brought when visiting the Health Centre.
Students are strongly advised to make use of comprehensive health services provided in the University Health Centre and beware of self-medication and drug abuse. They should report immediately to the University Health Centre, any form of ailment instead of resorting to quacks, unqualified drug peddlers and unqualified health personnel. All medical problems for students and staff are treated with utmost medical confidentiality. Students are again advised to be free and confidently disclose their ailments to our experienced and competent medical personnel who are always willing to counsel and offer their best professional services. Students should please note that the first port of call for any ailment is the University Health Centre.
Any medical report from outside the University Health Centre will not be recognized unless authenticated by the University Director of Medical Services. Free medical services to all students and staff are available in the University Health Centre only and within available resources.

Dr. C.O Adegbosin
Chief Medical Director,
LAUTECH Health Centre

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