General Information on E-Payment on Lautech Interswitch Payment Platform.

1. A Debit card is popularly referred to as an ATM card. So this means the regular card you use for transactions on an ATM.

2. Please note that your Debit Card (ATM) is your personal property, do NOT disclose your card details to anyone.

3. If you believe your debit card information has been compromised, change your pin and then contact your nearest bank branch.

4. For a general idea on how to pay on LAUTECH site - check this video

5. There are 3 different card types on LAUTECH Interswitch payment gateway (i.e. Interswitch debit cards, Verve, and Mastercard). Check the logo on the front of your card to identify which type of card you have.

6. If your card type requires a CVV2 number, this is a 3 digit number, which is found at the back of your debit card.

7. At all times pay attention to your Transaction reference. It will be used to trace any transaction if the need arises.

8. Pay close attention to the response message received after you make an attempt to pay on Interswitch site, particularly if the response was not successful.

9. Make sure you print any response message for your personal record.

10. A response like “Issuer or switch inoperative” is basically a switching problem, do not be alarmed, wait a while and try again later.

11. However, if you get a response like “Exceeds withdrawal limit” or “Transaction not permitted to card holder, via channels” or something similar, and you are certain you own the debit card and you have unlimited access to the card, then contact your bank.

12. A case like 8 above occurs if the debit card has not been activated to be used on an online platform. Make a request at your bank that your debit card should be activated for online payment.

13. Some identified banks that probably don’t activate their debit cards for online payment include First Bank, Skye Bank, Oceanic Bank, amongst others. Visit your bank if a case like 8 above occurs.

14. If you keep having persistent problems with payment, and you have reviewed all the steps above, then contact us on 038817377 or send us a mail –, we will be glad to assist you.

15. Always check back here for more tips/ information, we will update this as the need arises.